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Great pleasure and the feeling of freedom! Thats what surfs provide to your body! 

After football and beach volleyball, surfing is the third most popular sport in Rio de Janeiro. This is probably because we have more than 25 beaches in Rio with good waves to practice surfing. If you are looking for surf lessons or a surf tour with an English speaking teacher you have come to the right place!

Let us take you out and experience the magic of surf in Rio. Come and enjoy the pleasures of the many beautiful beaches in Rio which will make your surfing a real pleasure. 


We organize surf lessons every whether it be raining, windy or sunny. Our English speaking teachers are always on hand to give you a great time and introduce you to this favored pastime. 

What are you waiting for?! Order now one day surf tour in Rio and get ready to catch a wave in the blue ocean.

-English speaking teacher
-Surfboard and transport to Barra beach